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i actually had pets named Spook (the cat) and Rocky (the dog) years previous to now. and no….they had nothing to do with jericho and johnny’s nicknames (especially johnny’s)

Spook was a fat fluffball who tried to bark like a dog and was aggressively protective of her foodbowls. she’d sit by them all damn day long she was so lazy and so heavy i was one of the only people that could pick her up

Rocky was my sister’s dog and he was a huge rottweiler mix (australian shepherd??) and he was a stray we took in…actually they both were. and he was loyal and protective but he also liked to eat cats :-/ so we kept him outside lmao. even when my sister was small child he’d let her lead him around by the collar but he was zero tolerance to people he thought were gonna mess with us

I loved my dog too much.  Even as eater of cats and servant of small human child- he saved out lives once and I can’t say I’ll ever forget him.

And Spook was another story.  All she could muster at time was a ‘MEH- EEEH’ and it sounded forced but whatever it was hilarious and she was floof 24/7.  Why didn’t we try to shave her like a lion?  Because she was all just floof and fat.  Hahahhaah!







“A Centaur in Disguise” by Michelle Tolo

This is the most precious Centaur art I’ve ever seen.

What really makes it is the fact that the dude and the horse are both going “something here ain’t right…”

And I could see any hard core horse riding enthusiast going “What are you doing!?  That’s not how you ride!”

I guess he’s trying to blend in and not be the

centaur of attention

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